Seminar (Members Only) – 2017.1.19 –



Seminar (Members Only) was held on January 19, 2017.  Three speakers explained about their activities in their venture companies.




[Presentation 1]

Dr. Maya Okamoto 


Center for Public Health, Pharmacological Evaluation Institute of Japan (PEIJ)


“PEIJ Microphysiological System Testing Center (MicSTeC) ”


[Presentation 2]


Mr. Kenichi Nogami

Co Founder, Chief Strategy and Financial Officer,

Metcela Inc.


“A New possibility of treatments with stem cell that heal damaged heart muscle in order to treat heart diseases”



[Presentation 3]

Mr. Katsuhito Asai


Gene Therapy Research Institution


”The development Platform for treatment of intractable diseases by Gene Therapy ”




After the seminar, we had a networking party at the lounge space of Life Innovation Center.